We’ve photographed hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars for some of the best magazines and travel guides in the world. Unlike many photographers working in this field we try to make our photography natural and inviting, so it not just works for you, but it will satisfy magazines, newspapers or websites who ask you for your images.

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On assignment we’ll shoot two restaurants a day. We know how to make beautiful photos of your food, your chef, your room, and your staff. Our images have appeared in magazines worldwide, but we’re also proud of the stock images we’ve produced for restaurants that get used by the same magazines.


We love a good drink. A negroni is our idea of relaxing. But that’s for after the photo shoot. We’ll make sure your bar looks its best and your drinks beautifully backlit. We love a challenge and whether your bar is a beachside beauty or a dark late-night venue, we’ll capture the feel of it. Then have a drink…


We are coffee-lovers too. And we adore a good café. Capturing the vibrancy of a café is something we love to do, from the coffee machine to close-ups of latte art, the only thing we won’t be able to capture are the aromas. We shoot in a casual, editorial style so that each image will have you feeling that you’re there.


We love the challenge of a hotel shoot. From the foyer to the rooms, the relaxation amenities and the F&B outlets, we’ll cover it in a style that is warm and alive – not that stiff, overlit and sterile look that was once in vogue. Magazines and newspapers will actually want to run your stock photos…


Having photographed countless travel guidebooks over the years, we understand the kinds of images that help promote a destination. Sights, activities, sports, beaches, people, food, and drink outlets – we know how to cover a destination in a style that’s consistent and we consistently deliver the goods.